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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Asayake: Notes on an Ongoing Workplace Struggle (part 2)

A few quick notes. My comrade Sphinx over at Asayake does a great autonomist/libertarian communist site from Japan in English, primarily. Not that long ago he posted the second part of his analysis of workplace struggle in Japan. Since I linked to the first part a while ago, I thought it would be worthwhile to link to the second half. I posted a comment there about an experience I had in the Postal Workers Union some years back.

His analysis is quite interesting as usual, and focuses on workers resisting the typical organizing strategy of forming their dissatisfaction with workplace conditions into concrete demands and leadership. Sphinx explores the idea of not codifying them and instead resisting upon a broad spectrum of general resistance, with the idea being that a broader, less easily-identifiable (and therefore less easily recuperated or attacked) informal resistance may offer opportunities for advancing workplace struggles and expanding them to other terrain of struggle where common ground can be found. Check it out:

Notes on an Ongoing Workplace Struggle (part 2)

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