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Monday, February 02, 2009

Update! New blog!

I've been spending most of the last year doing things other than writing. Having spent quite some time posting here rather lengthy piece sometimes several times a week, I suppose I needed a break. Well, the holiday is over and I'm back to writing again, only this time I'm doing it at another site. Most pieces will be in the same format as the others but I'm hoping to do some collaboration and also to do more straight research format pieces that break out of the blog style.

There are two new pieces posted up already from me and this time I've got some help from a comrade, so the burden shouldn't be as great. There might be other contributors, so check there for other voices from the insurrectionary milieu. Thanks to everyone who visited this site and read my work. I enjoyed the feedback and discussion. You can still reach me at the same email address. So, please head on over to the new site and start reading!

Check it out here:
Fires Never Extinguished


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