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Friday, August 24, 2007

Protest the Murderous Mesa PD Tomorrow!

Mesa: Remember Mario Madrigal Jr., Executed by Mesa Police Officers! Demand Justice this Saturday!

Four years have passed since one of the most notorious police killings in the valley’s history, Mario Madrigal Jr. was coldly executed by three Mesa cops in August of 2003 at his own home, in front of his family. He was fifteen, unarmed, and passive in the police presence, but these Mesa cops still saw it fit to shoot the teenager eleven times.

"He was already on the floor [when an officer] emptied his gun," said Marta Madrigal, his mother. "We called the police for help, and they shot him."

The Madrigals had called the Mesa cops for help with Mario Jr. because he was having emotional problems. They expected the officers to help him get to a crisis center and had no idea the officers would kill him. The officers (Orlando Dean, Mark Beckett, and Richard Henry) claimed Mario lunged at them with a knife, and that’s why they shot him eleven times. The Madrigals couldn’t believe that their son, who was not threatening or attacking any of the officers, was tasered and then shot to death for no reason.

"We want justice for Mario," said Marta Madrigal. "Justice means I want those killers behind bars". "They killed him in front of my eyes," said Mario Madrigal Sr. "If I didn't move my [son Bryant], they'd have killed him, too."

Church groups, community organizations from across the valley, as well as families and individuals who have been brutalized or had a relative or friend killed by police, came to the defense of the Madrigals after a vicious media assault on the family led by law enforcement. Over the years the Madrigal family and community organizations such as Phoenix Copwatch, Women in Black against Violence, and the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition have held demonstrations, candle light vigils, and know your rights forums in response to the police violence in Mesa, specifically in regards to the murder of Mario Madrigal Jr. The struggle for justice continues.

In the spirit of justice and freedom for all, and to remember Mario Madrigal Jr., a demonstration has been called to mark the fourth anniversary of his death. The killer cops, not yet held accountable for their aggression, still roam the streets of Mesa after four years have passed, protected by police unions, the Mesa police department, and their own shameful lies about his execution.

Join us to say: “NO MORE!” The Madrigal family, and their allies, will be holding a demonstration Saturday, August 25 at the main Mesa Police station in downtown Mesa to call for justice, and demand the officers be held accountable for their crimes. Come out to stand up against police violence

WHEN: Saturday, August 25 at 4 PM

WHERE: Mesa police department station at 130 North Robson in downtown Mesa. Located between University Dr. and Main St., and just east of Country Club.

People United Against Police Abuse
August 2007


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happened again a couple days ago . . . Mom calls for help with suicidal son . . . Mesa pd shoots and kills the man . . . this time they pulled out their guns when their partner cop tripped on his own accord . . . that triggered the other 2 cops to pull theirs .. initial reports said the suicidal man was holding a machete . . . now that he s died subsequent reports are saying the man ran after the cops with his knife . . . even if ya believe the suicidal man ran after the cops with is knife ( yeah right ) three armed cops ought to be able to gain control of a situation such as this without open firing . . . a shot in the leg perhaps ? i know this much for sure, until i move the heck out of this city i aint calling the cops for nothing . . . . .. i got better chances taking on the bad guys then i do calling 911 for help fr mesa pd .

Tue Oct 05, 08:19:00 AM 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered what cops are up against every day? I am not defending incidents of brutal cop behavior. But, please stop to think, perhaps their everyday job is so full of danger that sometimes things go regrettably wrong. Blame it on the other super psychos they deal with every day. If they were really killing every whatever prejudiced color victim you choose, I think we would read about it a lot more often. How many whites are killed if they approach a cop with a supposed knife, gun, whatever. Plenty. My point, tragedies happen every day, with every race, but if you display rancor and aggression with the police force, sometimes very unfortunate incidents occur. All I am asking is for people of all races to quit being so one-sided. Yes, some cops are bad. Some, (a lot) of people are bad. Nothing is perfect. Why are people non-thinkers anymore? Because it's just plain easier to be angry. That's simple. Anyone can do it. Nothing is simple anymore. I'd think triple twice before wielding a weapon at a cop and I am white female. Please understand these situations are high-adrenaline, second by second. I am not advocating police abuse, but please stop and think that there is no blanket, all against mexican, approach that will hold true. My belief is, whatever race, there are so many people out there f-d up on drugs, they have had to turn super aggressive. My daughters boyfriend has been thrown to the ground for walking down a sidewalk...they had a call about some burglar in the neighborhood that fit his description...yes he is white. He took it in stride..didn't call them racist. Guess we white folks are a little tired of hearing the race card pulled repeatedly for everything, instead of justified events. Not saying this wasn't one of them..I do not know the details..wasn't there. If you repeatedly abuse an excuse, you end up with no one listening. Which means the majority of good people suffer because of the minority. Please start being more objective and quit being sheeple that follow whatever the latest gossip is. This goes for every race. I am very sorry for your loss, regardless. BTW, my brother was shot and killed by Dallas police while acting crazy, and I will never get over it, but I do not blame them. He wouldn't (I think) have really hurt them, but they sure as F-K did not know that.

Mon Aug 08, 08:25:00 PM 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my cousin and once again in 2013 My aunt Martha was still dealing with this issue and she hired someone to help her out later on he made a deal with her saying ill put the house under my name so I could take it to a higher case as he said later on my uncles mom visited and he said she cant visit because its his house and he wont allow it and just to know mother fuckers like that is tough

Thu Jun 25, 03:40:00 PM 2015  

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