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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The end of the era of hubris and the rising sense of panic.

The US is making preparations for war with Iran right now. Cheney is pushing hard for airstrikes and with Congress leaving town for its summer recess the likelihood of an attack is significantly raised. Cheney appears to want some kind of a provocation, either in terms of clear evidence of Iran caught in the act of arming or supporting Shiites in Iraq or a large attack on the US or US interests that can be tied back to them. Administration heavies and their allies in the military leadership have been highlighting Iranian involvement in Iran recently and Bush has been pushing outright lies about Iran's nuclear intentions specifically to prepare us for war. Amongst the administrations allies in the media and think tanks the determination to push for war with Iran has grown quite strong.

Right now US forces have peaked in Iraq and are higher than they have ever been, including during the invasion. Also, many Neo-Con thinkers have been actively either calling for a new terrorist attack at home or hoping one happens. Some have warned that there is a high probability of an attack being engineered by American forces to be blamed on Iranians or perhaps Al Qaeda (interestingly, in Iran we are again allying with the terrorist group just like we did in the Balkans in the mid and late 90's). Matching the enthusiastic calls from their allies in the American elite, Al Qaeda has likewise stepped up its threats this month against US targets in the 'homeland'.

Further, with the looming collapse of the dollar and China's recent - though not yet serious - threat to dump $900 billion in dollars on the market, thus eliminating the status of the dollar as the world's reserve (oil) currency, we are reminded of one of the main motivations for America's recent wars: maintaining the dollar's special global status. Iran has threatened to switch it's oil sales from dollars to Euros. Meanwhile, the Shanghia Cooperation Organization - made up of China, Russia and other Central Asian states - is conducting its largest military maneuvers ever this month. The focus? Anti-terrorism, of course. Iran hopes to join this emerging strategic counter-weight to the US-Anglo empire.

Another interesting note, when you look at a map of recent US interventions, instead of Al Qaeda influence, consider comparing it to the sphere of influence of the SCO and its member states. Al Qaeda is a convenient tool, as it has been in the past, to justify and wage attacks on these countries' steadily increasing power. With the increasing co-ordination with Al Qaeda, it's quite convenient indeed, then, that CIA headman, General Michael V. Hayden, has past experience aiding Al Qaeda operatives in Bosnia.

Many Neo-Cons are becoming convinced of the need for action on Iran, revealing the true nature of their political position. Many on the left and even the right have misconstrued the actions of the elite as stemming from supreme confidence - even hubris. The truth is, the elite knows the end of the American era looms near unless some drastic action is taken, and therefore they are quite desperate indeed. America's actions on the global stage are a reflection of a state of panic amongst the ruling class.

That's a recipe for disaster.

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