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Monday, August 13, 2007

A brutal history acknowleged - if only briefly

There was a fuck up at the China Daily online and they accidentally included the following sentence in an article about how Beijing is getting ready for the Olympics (leaving out the more than one million poor people that have been displaced unceremoniously to make way for tourists, stadiums and trains, of course):

The offending sentence:
"Security was tight around Tiananmen Square, where troops crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 with huge loss of life, as crowds gathered for the celebrations."
Read more about it here and see a cached version of the page - ironically saved via Google, which has itself cooperated with the Chinese government in censoring news in China..

Read more about how the Olympics affects poor people here:
Rights group: Olympics displace 2 million people over last 20 years, 1.25 million in Beijing

And here:
How the Olympics Destroy Cities



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