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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm back (hiatus over)

After a short summer break, I have returned to regularly updating the site. Thanks to everyone who kept emailing while I was away from the website - I have tried to reply to everyone. If I missed you, hit me again, I may have overlooked it. Look for some new content in the near future, along with the usual regular news links. I may try a few different styles of posts, we'll see. As usual all feedback and conversation (and debate) is welcomed either in the comments or via email.

In the meantime, check out these two recent comments to posts I made last month:
Brad Spangler comments on
Anti-war right fights to succeed where the anti-war left has failed

Anonymous comments on
Peter Gelderloos: Arms and the Movement
Keep the comments coming and don't forget to check the comments sidebar, which I will again start updating regularly beginning after work today if all goes well. I'm coding it myself, so it's not instantaneous, but I hope it will help facilitate debate and discussion. Give me a little time after your comment and I'll post it up there.

Also, I wanted to say I appreciate all the interest in this site coming from radical market anarchists. Although I am an anarchist-communist myself, I hope that we can find some common ground for struggle and discussion. I would be particularly interested in hearing a market anarchist analysis of the class war applications of technology, especially as they flow from the bosses/managers/bureaucrats down to the rest of us.


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