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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Angry Brigade: A Documentary

The Angry Brigade was an armed clandestine anarchist organization that was highly influenced by the Situationists in Paris. Rooted in the squatter movement in Britain in the early 70's, the Angry Brigade engaged in largely symbolic bombings throughout the country, targeting government officials, offices and private symbols of capitalist exploitation.

There are a few books on the group. One I picked up in San Francisco at the anarchist bookfair in March, The Angry Brigade: The Cause and the Case. A history of Britain's first urban guerilla group, was released by Christie Books and contains a pretty good amount of information, including newspaper clippings and analysis from a libertarian perspective.

My interest in them has gone back some years, so I was happy to get a tip from a friend of mine today about a British documentary focusing on the group that was posted on the internet last year. Just having watched it and found it quite interesting, I now provide it here for your enjoyment.


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