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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reverse racism or just reversing the facts?

The Phoenix New Times this week featured a cover article about right-wing activist, Emily Mitchell, famous around these parts for having prodded a gullible ASU student into starting up an ASU club for Caucasian students. In October of last year I wrote a piece examining the organization and the many supposed justifications that its supporters put forward in its defense.

At its base, though, the club's alleged purpose was undermined by basic facts: far from being under attack or an endangered species, whites at ASU continue to hold power on campus in numbers vastly disproportionate to their numbers. As the New Times piece points out, "[i]n 2006, 283 black ASU students graduated with about 7,000 of their white peers." Likewise with every other measure of power, from the regents to the student government and on down the line. White power is not under threat at ASU (we should be so lucky!). Even if it had been, however, that would in fact have been a progressive development, not one to be shored up by white over-privileged college kids.

Regardless, having been started as a front group and financial scam, of sorts, by an outside agitator (Mitchell was not an ASU student and in fact worked for a national conservative organization called the Leadership Institute that paid her for each such controversial club she started - of which CAMASU was only one), CAMASU didn't last long once she departed the scene. It is currently defunct, hopefully never to rise again.

Read the New Times article here:
Move Over, Ann Coulter: Meet the woman behind ASU's Caucasian American Men's Club

Read my analysis from October here (links to original news articles included):
No one whines like a white kid at ASU

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