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Monday, May 07, 2007

News of Interest 5/7/07

Universities drive biotech advancement
"Universities and public research institutes, rather than companies, are driving advances in biotechnology, according to a worldwide patent analysis released on Monday at the Bio conference in Boston. However, there is a global disparity in academic patenting activity, with the US and Japan well ahead of Europe."
Drug-resistant TB strain cropping up
"A virulent strain of tuberculosis resistant to most available drugs is surfacing around the globe, raising fears of a pandemic that could devastate efforts to contain TB and prove deadly to people with immune-deficiency diseases such as HIV/AIDS."
Not all tech users sold on benefits, study says
"Americans consider technology a mixed blessing — regardless of their access to it — according to a broad survey released Monday on the technology people have, how they use it and what they think about it. The Pew Internet and American Life Project found adult Americans were broadly divided into three groups: 31 per cent are frequent users of multiple technologies, 20 per cent are moderate users and the remainder have little or no access to the internet or cellphones. But the study found deep divides within each group when it came to their opinion of technology, from wholesale adoption to apathy and mistrust."
Anarchists' presence dwindles in L.A.
"Nearly seven years ago, dozens of the black-shirted radicals made a disruptive impression during protests outside the Democratic National Convention at Staples Center. A 2001 May Day rally in Long Beach brought another strong turnout and resulted in more than 90 arrests. But current and former followers of the anti-government philosophy scoff at Los Angeles police claims that a well-organized group of anarchists helped ignite a melee during Tuesday's immigration rights marches."
Police hurt in French election violence
"Hundreds of people were arrested in France overnight in clashes between police and protesters angry over conservative Nicolas Sarkozy's victory in Sunday's presidential election, police said. Official figures released on Monday said demonstrators set fire to 730 cars and injured 78 policemen across France, with 592 people arrested in the violent protests against the tough-talking former interior minister."
Most parents let babies watch TV, despite advice
"By the time children are two years old, 90 per cent of them regularly spend time watching TV, DVDs and videos, U.S. researchers have found. The American Pediatric Society recommends children under two should not watch any TV, and previous studies suggest less viewing time may be important in developing vocabulary. The Canadian Pediatric Society also warns that too much TV is linked to problems with attention, learning and aggressive behaviour."



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