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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News of Interest 5/23/07

How To Control The $40 Million Slave
"See, the NBA’s rules of “cleaning up” the league (whether it be the dress code, no celebrations, taunting, fighting, arguing with refs, long shorts, headbands, etc) are in response to what the media thinks and in turn projects to the public . When I used the term "cleaning up the league" and likened it to "whitening up the league", I meant it. Regardless of what you may think; dress code, celebrations, taunting, long shorts, dress code and everything else were all introduced by African American ballplayers and were subsequently removed via the “rules”. The media has convinced you that style and swagger are all "unsportsmanlike conduct." But why is that? What's wrong with a little shit talking? What harm did long shorts really do? Celebrating after a great play may piss off the other team but is it really that big of a deal?"
The Simpsons v. the media (video)
"Friends, the press and the government are in bed together in an embrace so intimate and wrong, they could spoon on a twin mattress and still have room for Ted Koppel. Journalists used to questions the reasons for war and expose abuse of power. Now, like toothless babies, they suckle on the sugary teat of misinformation and poop it into the diaper we call the 6:00 News. Demand more of your government. Demand more of your press."
Menaced by the Minutemen
"A Reported member of the Herndon, Va., chapter of the anti-immigrant Minutemen, was arrested and charged with assault at the May 1 march for immigrant rights in Washington, D.C.--and was soon discovered to be armed to the teeth, with plans to possibly attack immigrants and activists that very day. Tyler Froatz was arrested for assaulting one of the march’s female organizers. Police then found weapons in his bag and car. Froatz had brought to the march a 100,000-volt Taser gun, knives, a claw hammer, a flare gun, a loaded .30 caliber rifle, and a map with details of the park, including sight lines for firing a weapon."
New software can identify you from your online habits
"IF YOU thought you could protect your privacy on the web by lying about your personal details, think again. In online communities at least, entering fake details such as a bogus name or age may no longer prevent others from working out exactly who you are. That is the spectre raised by new research conducted by Microsoft. The computing giant is developing software that could accurately guess your name, age, gender and potentially even your location, by analysing telltale patterns in your web browsing history. But experts say the idea is a clear threat to privacy - and may be illegal in some places."
Spy drones added to Britain's "surveillance society"
"It could be the 4 million closed-circuit television cameras, or maybe the spy drones hovering overhead, but one way or another Britons know they are being watched. All the time. Everywhere. The latest gizmo to be employed in what civil liberty campaigners are calling Britain's 'surveillance society' is a small, remote-controlled helicopter that can hover above inner city streets and monitor suspected criminals. Unveiled in the north of Britain this week, it could be introduced across the country if deemed a success, fuelling an already intense debate over whether the 'Big Brother' world George Orwell predicted is now truly upon us, or whether such scrutiny is merely essential for security in the modern era."
Hamburg Braces for a Season of Protest
"A perfect storm of political summits, police raids and a tense soccer game will make Hamburg a potentially violent town in the coming weeks. First there's an ASEM summit, then the G-8 -- and vandals may have started things off with a car burning on Tuesday."
Detroit, Feds Debate Anti-Brutality Plan
"The city in 2003 pledged to make significant reforms in how officers use force, detain prisoners and question witnesses. A federal monitor was appointed to oversee the reforms after the city signed the consent decrees with the Justice Department. But in a court filing Wednesday, the department argued that the federal settlement should require it only to develop new policies, not implement them, except where explicitly stated."


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