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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anti-Yuppie Action declares war on yuppies in Tempe!

Anti-Yuppie Action has called a protest for this Sunday. Phoenix Insurgent has happily endorsed the event and recommends for everyone who wants to keep Yuppie scum out of Tempe to come out and get creative. There will be all kinds of opportunities for fun and mischief. Let's let these colonizing fucks know what kind of welcome they can expect every day in our neighborhood if they decide to move in. Bring a sign. Bring a banner. Bring some (veggie) dogs (for me) to grill. Bring some music. Bring whatever you think will send a message to these rich fucks. Remember, if we don't stand up to them, they'll run us all over. Let's hit back strong and right away, before they get their bearings.

Below is some background in the text of the call to action. Enjoy and see you there!
"Anti-Yuppie Action (AYA) invites all Tempe residents and working people who are fed up with seeing our neighborhoods destroyed by the Yuppie development invasion to join us this Sunday to confront those who would see us uprooted from our neighborhoods and our lives for their selfish, greedy lifestyles. Join us this weekend to let the developers and yuppies know that they're NOT WELCOME in Tempe!

Here's what's going down:

The new Mosaic lofts will soon be built on the NW corner of Ash Ave. & University, the site the co-op was located on, the building will stand 22 stories tall, and as a monument to the yuppie triumph over Tempe. If you're like us, your sick of all the construction that doesn't bring jobs down here for folks like us or improve our economic standing. Nope, it pushes folks like us out of the neighborhood, evicted house by house, apartment by apartment, and even our beloved locally owned business get the boot. Why? For the wealthy and super-wealthy to make Tempe their new playground, apparently Scottsdale and Phoenix weren't good enough.

So, the developer is throwing a booze party for potential buyers of the condos this Sunday (from 2-5 PM) at the Macayo's on 3rd and Ash Ave. Tempe's unwelcome potential new residents will be slurping down the margaritas with their rich pals, chauffeured around on a tour of Tempe by a trolley.

What, where, when, how, who?

We'll be meeting up at the Southwest corner of Ash Ave & University from 1-1:30, then walking down to the Macayo's to have a working folks' (un)welcoming party (and mobile BBQ) for future Mosaic residents. We'll be out there having a good time (but making there's a bit more unpleasant) from 2-4, COME ON OUT!!!"

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