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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

News of Interest 4/10/07

Millions face hunger from climate change
"The report said Africa is most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The fallout from a swiftly warming planet — extreme weather, flooding, outbreaks of disease — will only exacerbate troubles in the world's poorest continent, said Anthony Nyong, one of the lead authors. Wheat, a staple in Africa, may disappear from the continent by the 2080s, the report said."
From Jungle Fatigues to Sensible Suits: Nepal's Maoists Join Government
"Bista again brought his killer reputation to work on March 31, the day before the new government was formed. He arrived at the gates of Nepal's Singha Durbar parliamentary compound and punched a taxi driver in the face three times, in a dispute over the cab fare. Maoist leaders claim these incidents are "small mistakes" that the media is blowing out of proportion, but each day brings fresh reports of Maoist comrades threatening, beating and extorting businesspeople, political workers and common citizens across the country."
'Two and a half years later, camera installation has gained momentum even as concerns about the police atmosphere in city schools are being voiced ever louder and more frequently. It's an academic environment in which principals “are becoming corrections wardens,” according to State Senator Bill Perkins, who was a City Councilmember representing Harlem at the time of the vote. While Vallone and Department of Education (DOE) officials hail the system as a success, based on positive feedback from school administrators, others are raising questions about the implications of such wide-reaching surveillance in public schools. The public schools already are manned by 4,625 safety agents – a larger force than the entire police departments of Baltimore, Boston, or San Diego. In addition to this, the new systems called for in Local Law 52 include cameras linked by a network to a main server in each school. Video is watched live by school safety agents from a monitoring console. Design requirements state that “both live and archived video can be viewed locally on LAN (Local Area Networks) and remotely over DOE WAN (Wireless Area Networks).”'
Santa Cruz Leaders Opt Not To Help Immigration Officials
"Santa Cruz city leaders said no to the federal government and no to illegal immigration enforcement in a landmark decision Tuesday. Officials said the decision was unprecedented in the immigration debate -- a local municipality refusing to help with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Santa Cruz city leaders unanimously approved a plan to prohibit using city funds or resources to assist ICE enforcement in Santa Cruz."


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