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Monday, September 11, 2006

Webster Tarpley on false flag terrorism

Happy 9/11! Below is a great talk by Webster Tarpley, who is in my opinion the best of the 9/11 "conspiracy" theorists. The bonus that Tarpley brings to the 9/11 conversation, and which is sorely lacking much of the time in those circles, is a historical context and an analysis of the mechanism through which modern false flag terrorism manifests - military drills, intelligence services and private militaries. Tarpley does deal with all elements of the 9/11 conspiracy story, but I would recommend him specifically for this more tactical analysis of how such terrorism is carried out these days.

Looking at it this way, one doesn't really even have to form an opinion on the entire 9/11 conspiracy - such as bombs in the towers, cruise missile at the Pentagon, etc - but we can, with Tarpley's help, get a good look into the machinations of a very corrupt elite class that is willing to do almost anything to keep power for itself.

Some would say that anarchists spending any time at all doubting the official story of that day's events is a dangerous distraction from the business of class war and attacking the system as a whole. This is a false dichotomy, since 9/11 cannot be removed from the system in which it occured. There is no contradiction between critiquing the 9/11 story and the system that produced it any more than there is a contradiction between criticizing the war and the larger system as well. Further, while perhaps exceptional as a spectacle, a student of history would be hard pressed to make a case that such a conspiracy, were it to exist, would be in contradiction to the over all nature of the system.

Regardless, as many 9/11 conspiracists point out, 9/11 has become - almost overnight in historical terms - the dominant myth of our time. It's hard to think of a policy or transformation these days that does not hinge on it or at least receive ideological backing by 9/11 arguments. No matter what happened that day, the idea of 9/11 has become central to almost all politics today as framed by the elite in the United States.

As anarchists, our analysis of the system goes beyond competing elites, coups and secret goverments - even if we do not deny that such things exist. And it certainly goes beyond either bumbling or scheming presidents and vice presidents. However, it is only anarchists who bring the deeper critique and vision necessary for this debate to take on revolutionary possibilities.

As some point out, there is certainly a danger of the 9/11 Truth Movement leading to liberalism - or even right libertarianism - but this is not an inevitability. Further, this danger exists in all social movements, including the anti-war movement which shares a lot of common ground with the 9/11 Truth Movement. 9/11 Truth is no special case. In fact, many in the 9/11 conspiracy set see the issue as one that transends left-right dichotomies. As anarchists, we should be skeptical of political arguments that claim to transcend and yet don't really get to the black heart of this murderous system.

This is what anarchists joining the debate on 9/11 can provide. We can say, yes, the elite class is a selfish, greedy, blood-thirsty and power mad group. As history has shown, they are clearly capable of planning and carrying out terrible acts of violence and destruction against people across the world, as well as here at home. But we can point out that, while there are rivalries for power within the elite, this cabal transcends politics because it is in reality a capitalist and bureaucratic class with many shared interests, including the everyday exploitation of most of the planet. As long as governments and the capitalist system that define their interests continue to exist, we can only expect more of the same - and worse. Whatever rivalries exist within it (and there are many), the elite class as a whole is at war with the world, and we anarchists are in a position to point out why and how.

We can say that events like 9/11 - and the hope of no longer suffering their effects - are, in part, why we are anarchist revolutionaries in the first place. There is no contradiction in that.


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