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Saturday, September 30, 2006

JT Ready: Minuteman, failed politician and fraud

I'll try to write more about this later when I have time tomorrow, but it was too good not to post the links to right now. Our old nemesis, former Mesa city council candidate, Rusty Childress sidekick and racist Minuteman, JT Ready has been booted from the position of Master of Ceremonies for the Mesa Veterans Day parade by the organizing committee now that his military background came out.

A September 28th Tribune article reveals:
But the Tribune, in checking with the U.S. Marine Corps, found Ready had been charged and convicted in a military court of theft, unauthorized absence, failure to follow orders and, later, assault, among other things. He received a bad conduct discharge in 1996.

But Ready never told the veterans’ organizations of his record. And he never disclosed those details of his military background during his political campaigns.

The record is severe enough to prevent 33-year-old Ready from ever taking advantage of the GI Bill, being buried in a national cemetery or even joining the local Marine Corps League.

Ready also could risk losing his membership with the VFW Auxiliary, where he’s been a member for roughly two years.
The article goes into more detail about the nature of Ready's record, which includes,
In 1996, Ready, then a lance corporal and rifleman with the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion at Camp Pendleton, Calif., was tried at a special courtmartial where he was found guilty of unauthorized absence, failure to follow an order or regulation, and larceny and wrongful appropriation, according to 1st Lt. Rob Dolan, a Marine Corps. spokesman in Quantico, Va.

Dolan said Ready was absent without authorization for eight days.

He served three months in confinement, forfeited $581 per month in pay for three months and was demoted to private.

Later that year, he was brought up on even more serious charges — conspiracy, assault and wrongful solicitation and advice.

He was found guilty at a general court-martial, served six months in confinement and received a bad conduct discharge.
JT Ready told me personally that he served in Gulf War I. Doing the math, and given his early discharge in 1996, this certainly seems less than certain.

Needless to say, the organizers booted Ready from his featured role in the parade:
Ready, who ran for City Council this year without revealing details of his military service, infuriated veterans who didn't want a disgraced ex-military man to be prominent in their parade. Some challenged his right to even call himself a Marine.

Others were angered by a photo published in the Tribune on Thursday that showed him wearing captain's bars on a uniform.

"At this point, his credibility is gone," said VFW commander Randy Foshee. "He might be a good worker and a good helper, but that's all he is."
Bye bye JT.
(Thanks Aaron for the tip)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The United Staes of AZTLAN

~Nuevo Mexico-[New Mexico]

Thu Feb 12, 04:20:00 PM 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ready was nothing more than a ten percenter problem child in the Marine Corps. How he slipped through the cracks in boot camp is beyond me. He has lied about his time in service, rank, and campaign involvements. His integrity and character are unbecoming and do not reflect the high standards of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Additionally, his unfit body, mind, and soul created a liability for his unit, while disgracing the Corps. As such, he was discharged with a big chicken dinner, (BCD, Bad conduct discharge).

Sun Jul 04, 06:20:00 PM 2010  

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