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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Channel 5 Exposes Minutemen

Tonight, two news channels did expose's on the Minutemen. Channel 15 investigated the Minutemen's finances, putting Chris Simcox in the hotseat. As of my bedtime tonight, the video has not been posted. Check the website to see if it has been posted. Simcox admits he has no idea how much money they have raised, nor does he know where from. Can you say "fraud?" One rich guy is interviewed, apparently pissed that no one can tell him for sure whether his money divided the working class successfully or not. I'll link the story when it gets posted.

However, the real story is Channel 5's undercover investigation. Reporter Morgan Loew spent several weeks on the border with the Minutemen and various spin-off groups that the Minutemen's vigilantism has inspired and/or encouraged.

Click on the American flag doo-rag to view the video:

The footage he got was something indeed. Check out the accompanying article, "Beyond the Minutemen:"
Pineapple 6 says, "These f___ing Mexicans. They will kill you. They don't give a f__k."

That Mexican immigrants are public enemy number one.

Fred Puckett says, "And once you shoot a couple of these son of a b@#$%es, they'll think twice."
The next day, we set out to find the so-called "Rogue Minutemen."

Fred Puckett says, "Hi guys. I'm Fred Puckett.. Minuteman of One."

Puckett calls his group "Minuteman of One."

Puckett says, "We don't have no by-laws.. we don't have nothin'. We go out in two-man teams and we hit them like we did 40-years ago in Vietnam."

Members of Minuteman of One have a controversial M-O. They carry assault rifles when they're out on patrol, they don't hesitate to follow migrants or smugglers and they've been known to "confiscate" food, water and the luggage they come across.

Puckett says, "We believe our country is being destroyed from the inside. Anything south of I-10 is a third world nation."

Puckett calls his organization a humanitarian group.

He says he sympathizes with the immigrants but despises their smugglers.

Puckett says, "You can arrest him if he's in commission. It's a felony to transport. You can detain him in the commission of a felony. If he tries to run you down.. that is felonious attempt at murder. You can do whatever it takes to stop him. And once you shoot a few of these son of a b@#ches.. they'll think twice."
Then there's Laine Lawless, head of another Minutemen spin-off, the Border Guardians.
Laine Lawless says, "I just don't like the idea of a group of people invading America."

That's Laine Lawless, the leader of the group.

When I first contacted her about the idea of joining her group, she replied:

"We always need spies.. if you've got the stomach for it.."

When we met in person, she told me she wanted me to join immigrant rights groups and report to her what they are planning.

Lawless says, "What I need right now are bodies. At this point.. I don't even care if they are racist ."

Lawless is a former Minutemen who started her own group, she says, to keep tabs on what she calls "the open border lobby."

Lawless says, "There's really no need for those people to be there. (Why are they doing it? is the question.) Because they're f---ing leftist pricks and they're trying to make a point."
If there's any doubt that the Minutemen themselves are racist, that should be beyond doubt by now. Regardless, however, it should be clear as well that no matter what the intent of the Minutemen is, their actions enable and attract violent, racist elements. Of course, even a cursory understanding of Southwest history would inform us as much.

I don't say this very often, but congrats to Channel 5 and to reporter Morgan Loew for a great piece of journalism. Too bad most Valley journalism isn't anywhere near as good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone in the MinutemanHQ (MCDC),which Chris Simcox is the head of, were to think that way, they would get their butt kicked out so fast, their head would still be spinning. And that is a fact!!!

Sun Aug 06, 12:13:00 PM 2006  

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