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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Corsican Workers Battle French Police Over Privatization

Corsican workers battled police today as the labor action against government plans to privatize a ferry company cointinued to gain strength. Workers blockaded the port for four days with a ferry they occupied, stranding many tourists. Firecrackers, rocks and flares bombarded the cops as they attempted to put down the workers' actions. At one point, an apparent rocket attack left a customs boat in the harbor a smoldering wreck.

Meanwhile, the protests have spread both beyond Corsica and beyond the ferry workers themselves. Sympathetic workers in Marseille blockaded an oil refinery and attacked a government building with another rocket while children and families of the workers marched in protest. The long simmering Corsican independence movement has added fuel to the fire. Below are some photos from the last few days actions.

Read more here:
Clashes, apparent rocket attack escalate violence in Corsica

Police unblock Corsican port to allow in supplies



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